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Heather's Dream...

My sphynx are exactly dream. The love I have for my sphynx is why I choose to do my part to perfect the breed and healthy legacy of the kittens that leave my home. My sphynx are more than just my pets, they're my family. I am an organic cage free cattery located in southern New Jersey. I do not believe in what some breeders call, "Working Cats." Instead, I believe that these creatures are family. South Jersey Sphynx kittens will be raised as my pets for the first 12-14 weeks of their lives and will be raised and co-parented by all the sphynx in my home. They will be acclimated to our dogs; from our Great Dane Gigi to our 3 pound 13 year old Chihuahua Ruby. 

My breeding program is built on a healthy legacy, transparency and most of all LOVE!

I look forward to sharing my dream with you!

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